Following the assessment, we propose solutions tailored to your needs, in line with your requirements and your budget. The customer's objective: to propose an operational action plan that identifies risks, solutions and projects.

These days, cybersecurity is an issue for every company that uses a network. That's why it's vital to link your functional imperatives to the security of your information system, so as to preserve your company's sovereignty. Our aim is to help you set up a reliable, high-performance IT risk detection system.

ways to use tools, software and IT security. Technology watch tips and tricks can be provided to help you keep abreast of the latest technological developments relevant to your core business.
maintenance, as well as your employees on the
mode d’emploi des outils, des logiciels ainsi que la sécurité informatique. Des conseils et astuces en matière de veille technologique peuvent être prodigués afin de vous aider à rester au fait des nouveautés technologiques utiles à votre coeur de métier.