Discover our quality services and our commitment to security and IT maintenance.

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The aim of this structure is to facilitate access to and use of IT tools for everyone, whatever their sector.

Indeed, if there's one thing I've noticed, it's that Africa is the next market for new technologies and related services.

Emphasizing not only security, but also good IT practice, was an obvious choice for me; making new technologies more accessible and more human is a sacred task for this new company.

Guaranteeing you secure access to your company data, knowing that your e-mail exchanges are not prey to hackers, and enabling you to equip yourself with connected peripherals without fear are the reasons that motivate SnLinK.

Our Goal

When was the last time you backed up your sensitive data?

Do you have a recovery plan in case of a power failure, or if your main server fails to boot?

Can you recognize a fraudulent e-mail? A phishing attempt?

There's no need for a plethora of anti-virus software when your information system is up to date and being used wisely.

Good use of new technologies can save you a lot of trouble. SnLinK makes it easy for you to use them and supports you in your IT projects.

Studying, advising, maintaining, safeguarding and simplifying "IT" for everyone, to better secure your daily tasks and your IT equipment, these are the priorities that motivate us.

From workstations to the Internet of Things, everything needs to be up to date and compliant so that you can make it your own and enjoy the best that IT has to offer.